Nestlé was looking for a way to promote the Wonka brand as a whole, while driving sales of their candies (SweeTarts, Gobstoppers, Nerds, Laffy Taffy and Spree).  With such an iconic brand, it only made sense to create something absurd and whimsical to capture the imagination of a candy-land audience.

With such bright, uniquely shaped candy packaging, it made sense to utilize this in some capacity. So we  created an Augmented Reality experience that recognizes, and interacts with the physical candy products. Modeled after analog drum machines, the app was a fully functioning beat-blasting machine powered by candy. Holding up different Wonka candies accessed a variety of beats that could be mixed and adjusted once they were activated. With their candies and beats loaded in, artists could hit record and lay down their track to share with the world.

Our solution was to create Wonka Wrapper, an augmented-reality music app on facebook that lets users create unique music using the Wonka candy they love via Webcam. We created our own image tracking software and renderer that not only allowed webcams to recognize each candy, but would also track and animate on screen, even with low end hardware. This low barrier of entry allowed all fans to become virtual music makers with packs of Nerds, Laffy Taffy, Sweethearts, Everlasting Gobstoppers, and Spree. Each candy could activate unique looping music tracks, resulting in an interactive experience where users could create unique, original tracks and videos to share with their friends.

Our unique technology and experience, combined with the star power of Nick Cannon, allowed Wonka Wrapper to help increase the Wonka fan-base from
250,000 to over 1 Million less than a year.
Pretty sweet if you ask me.

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