With the Indiana Pacers looking to increase fan engagement in between game time, they reached out to us to find something that would set them apart from the competition, and set the pace for in stadium experiences.

With such a large, centralized screen with easily identifiable geometry, the scoreboard is unique and  makes for an idea Augmented Reality maker. With this in mind we looked into ways to utilize these screens and create a fun, engaging game where fans can also interact with their teams mascot, Boomer.

Our solution was to create Boomer’s Dunk Challenge, a mobile game for iOS and Android, where fans point their mobile devices’ camera towards the scoreboard which reveals an experience inspired by Boomer’s in-game dunk routine. In it, fans launch Boomer using a slingshot toward a 3-D hoop and play for points. We also included Being Boomer, where fans can transform a paper sign or mask into an 3-D animated version which they can then photograph and share.

Downloads across both iOS and Android platforms reached over 50,000 downloads, and an overwhelmingly positive reception from fans.

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