With the upcoming theatrical release of Ghostbuster, the film makers were looking for ways to leverage their passionate, detail oriented fanbase, and reward their sleuthing with exclusive first looks and detailed assets.

With the filmmakers looking to create such an elaborate Easter egg, we were tasked with the conception and creation of the Kenneth P. Higgins Institute of Science Paranormal Studies Lab, a fictional website for an in-world location. Here we would be able to present a canon narrative for the college the stars work at, and provide exclusive content to fans. This would need to be something that hardcore fans would be rewarded for seeing in an upcoming trailer, so we’d need to make sure the payoff was worth it.

Hiding the URL for ParanormalStudiesLab.com in the upcoming trailer was easy with access to the filmmakers, and with access to the props and scripts we were able to craft an authentic mid-2000’s looking website along with  exclusive imagery of icon equipment and schematics such as the Ecto-1, Ghost Trap, PKE Meter and the Proton Pack. 

With conversation and discussion gaining traction online across all social media platforms, hardcore fans dissecting and debating the Easter eggs, new reveals and the implications the site contents into the new canon, the Paranormal Studies Lab served as a great hidden platform for fans and garnered over 100k page views within the first month.

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